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Whiskey Eyes

Watch the Official Music Video for "Whiskey Eyes" by Of Truth. 

A Dream Within A Dream by Sergio Pastore

A Dream Within a Dream

A video art project by Sergio Pastore.

A slow descent into the different levels of the unconscious mind.

Originally conceived as a part of the Primaluce exhibition in Japan, it was then renewed in 2022.

This work has also been selected for the International Exhibition at the 10th edition of Intermediaciones - Muestra de Videoarte y Video Experimental September 12 - 15, 2023 - Medellín, Colombia

Whiskey Eyes

Official music video for "Whiskey Eyes" by Of Truth.  
In a cluttered scene of post-hardcore music, Of Truth stands out with their refreshing, emotional rock. The unique approach used during the recording of their new production caused an emotional rollercoaster of an album. Of Truth is out to show what it means to be genuine, heartfelt, and full of life.

Video created by Sergio Pastore.


Primaluce | First Light

created by Sergio Pastore
featuring artwork by Tomihiro Nagahara

Official selection at the 18th International Animation Festival in Japan - HIROSHIMA 2020

The Hiroshima International Animation Festival is endorsed by Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) and is an Academy Awards / Annie Awards qualifying festival.

Today, Hiroshima Festival is considered as one of the most respected animation festivals in the world.

Happy and honoured to be part of it.


Official video for "Manfood" by Tim Reynolds.
Created by Sergio Pastore.
"Manfood" is a track from the acclaimed acoustic album "That Way".


PRIMALUCE | a video art exhibition by Sergio Pastore
Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art (Nagi MOCA)
Okayama | Japan
November 1 - 4, 2019

A collateral event of the painting exhibition by Tomihiro Nagahara from October 26 to December 8, 2019 

My Kids Live On Mars

Official video for "My Kids Live On Mars" by Hauschka. From the album "What If".

Crazy Feels

Official video for the track "Crazy Feels" from the album "Stadium Cake" by the folk/pop duo Oh Pep!

Have Not Been

video + prints for the exhibition "All dreams continue in the beyond" - Berlin, Cell63 Art Gallery, June 4 - July 30, 2016.

The clip has also been selected by the Carnegie Museum of Art, in Pittsburgh USA, for its 2-Minute Film Festival - screenings from July 15 to July 21, 2016 at Row House Cinema and CMOA's theater.


Official video for "Medusa" by Australian artist Szymon. From the album "Tigersapp" published by Eloper Music / Emi Music Australia.

Time Destroys Everything But Our Foundation Remains

Official video for the track "Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation Remains" by the post-rock/instrumental band This Patch of Sky.

Stella d'Africa

Official music video for the song "Stella d'Africa" by Italian artist Nico Di Crescenzo.

Beyond the Valley

Official video for the track "Beyond the Valley" by the Australian rock band Palace of the King. From the album Valles Marineris.

Maria P.

Design and animation for the title sequences of "Maria P." - a short musical film by Alessandro Corradi featuring original songs by Rocco Tanica.

Sergio Pastore is an Italian digital and video artist.
He has been working as a freelance for quite some time now, mainly creating music videos and collaborating with both emerging and established musicians.


Sergio Pastore

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